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Animation with Cables, Electronics and Gizmos

Here at Karl Evans Studio we do lots of fun things with your Puppets, Props and Models.

with a little ingenuity and imagination they can all be brought to life and do the most wonderful things.

From complicated mechanisms and animatronics put into Noo-noo for the Teletubbies live show to a simple sausage dancing in a casserole dish for Panto.

Cable controls, springs, levers and cams are all utilised along with electronics and remote control systems to get that perfect movement.

That little extra life put into your Puppet, Prop or model will make a world of difference to your audience. A little surprise to make them laugh or Jump will make your show memorable.

If you have a whacky idea we can build it for you, our imagination has no limits so why not give us a call.

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