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Building Magic and Engineering Fun


What we do

Karl Evans Studio are a specialist puppet, prop and model makers. Karl and the team specialise in the design and manufacture of puppets, masks, props, miniature sets and models for film, TV, Theatre, entertainers, events, theme parks, trade shows and exhibitions across the UK and throughout the world.


Who we are

Karl is a creative artist, entertainer and inventor. He offers innovative solutions to interesting projects accompanied by high service standards. With extensive experience in producing specialty puppets and models, Karl utilises animatronics and mechanics to achieve the desired effect. The team have an abundance of talent and a myriad of technical skills to design and manufacture anything imaginable.

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Special Effects

Prosthetics & Special Effects
Blood, Guts & Gore

Miniatures & Models

Sets, Vehicles & Buildings


Casting, Moulding, Sculpting,
Vac-forming, Rotocasting

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